The Program

Motherloaded: A 12-Week Coaching Program for New Moms Experiencing the Inevitable Identity Crisis is a life coaching curriculum I developed four months after becoming a new mom. Once I got out from under the haze of 24/7 nursing, no sleep and a life-altering obsession with my daughter, I realized I was experiencing what could only be described as an identity crisis. With the addition of this new, strange creature that made my heart constantly hurt, I had to reevaluate almost every aspect of my life. My relationships had changed, my body had changed, my confidence wavered and my creativity was stunted as all my energy was spent simply keeping my daughter happy and alive.

As a control addict, I craved a structured program that could walk me through the steps to become the fresh, awesome self I knew existed. As a certified life coach, I developed that program. I created Motherloaded to help moms just like me discover their new identity - as a mother, a partner and a woman.

Over the 12-week course, we will discuss a range of topics including:

  • Inner and outer confidence
  • Personal style
  • Relationships with your partner, family and friends
  • Sex after baby
  • Career and creative goals

I am currently taking new clients and would love to hear from you! Please feel free to email me for more information and pricing.

For a deeper look at the program, download the weekly summary HERE.

The Group

I wanted to start a mommy group that wasn't a quote "mommy group." As a new mom, I craved the company of others going through the same ups and downs I was experiencing. And I wanted a community that approached motherhood similarly- with humor, introspection and brutal honesty. Motherloaded: The Group just made sense. It's a monthly meeting of mommy minds, reaching alternative moms looking for like-minded peeps. We meet at a place with alcohol (and other options) and talk about what's on our minds.

For upcoming meeting times and place, check the EVENTS page.

The Book (Coming Soon!)